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                  簡體中文 | English | 日本語

                New Shicoh Motor Co., LTD

                Mini voice coil motor automatic focusing function in handheld devices built into the (Auto-Focus Voice Coil Motor) sales, R & D, design and manufacturing is the automatic focusing voice coil motor (Au

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                From CEO Office

                New Shicoh are working on improving the cell phone imaging actuating technology to make this world more colorful and people’s reminiscence more pretty, with the rapid progress of globalization.

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                Company History


                「SHICOH 技研株式會社」was founded in Tokyo


                Shanghai Shicoh Electronics Co., Ltd was founded in Shanghai


                Developed the world’s? 1st vibration motor for mobile phone


                Shicoh Motor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was Founded in Shanghai


                ?2014-A new Shicoh factory was set up in Jiashan, Zhejiang province


                Jia Shan factory launched to be the largest VCM factory in the world


                Annual production capacity of 180 KK, monthly delivery to 12 KK, Piezo focusing motor production


                Monthly shipment reached 18 KK, monthly production capacity reached 30 KK


                Monthly shipment reached 20 KK, monthly production capacity reached 25 KK

                News Bulletin
                • 2021-01-01
                • 2020-10-01
                • 2020-05-01
                • 2020-02-03

                Our Partners

                We and HUAWEI, MI, VIVO, TCL, step by step domestic and foreign mobile phone manufacturers to establish a good partnership

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