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                  簡體中文 | English | 日本語

                Talent Strategy

                 Strengthening the enterprise by talents is a strategic requirement for the company's sustainable and healthy development and  the internal motivation for its scientific and technological innovation and leapfrog development. It is related to the process of scientific research and production, management, reform and development of New Shicoh, as well as its prosperity. Our talent strategy adheres to the principle of "serving for development, giving priority to talents, function-oriente...

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                Career Development

                New Shicoh pays special attention to the standardized management of posts, and establishes and keeps optimizing a post system that adapts to the company's long-term, healthy and sustainable development. To standardize and improve the internal post grade and professional sequence, we have designed four professional sequences, namely functional management, R&D technology, trade and marketing and production skills to provide clear and diversified career development channels and solid and pow...

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                Job Opportunities

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